Ruger 10/22 Muzzle Brake Threaded Adapter For NON Threaded Ruger 10/22 1/2×28 TPI

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  • Length: 1.625″ OAL
  • Length: 1″ Body Only
  • Diameter: .8995″
  • Inner Diameter: 0.6299″
  • Front Sight Post Hole Length: 0.6875″
  • Front Sight Post Hole Width: 0.375″
  • Exit Hole: .253″
  • Weight: 1oz
  • Threads: 1/2-28
  • Machined From T6-6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Type II Black Anodizing
  • For A Ruger 10/22 With A Standard Tapered NON Threaded Barrel With Front Sight Post
  • 3 Set Screws To Retain In Place. We Recommend Blue Loctite
  • Crush Washer NOT Included And NOT Recommended
  • Please Ensure Your Barrel Is Tapered, NON Threaded, And Has A Front Sight Post

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Our .22LR Muzzle Brake Threaded Adapter is perfect for your Ruger 10/22 or variant that did NOT come with a threaded barrel. Precision machined from T6-6061 aluminum and finished off in type II black anodizing for a sleek black look, this muzzle brake threaded adapter will look great on your plinkster / pea shooter / Ruger 10/22 and allow you to run a muzzle brake / compensator / can. Please ensure your barrel is the factory tapered barrel. Will not work on a bull barrel, will not work on a straight barrel, has to be the original factory tapered barrel without threads.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend having your 10/22 barrel threaded over using threaded adapters that attach to your barrel with 3 screws. They’re not the best at staying in place if you’re using heavier and longer cans. Please understand the limitations. You’re much better off having your barrel threaded as opposed to running a threaded adapter. It is okay if running a smaller brake, a lightweight brake, but when you start to attach longer fake cans, or real suppressor cans, or heavy steel brakes, you are adding weight to the adapter and over time, it might come loose and give you a strike while firing. You definitely don’t want that. Consider this adapter only if you insist on not threading your barrel but will run something light or small or use it as a temporary solution while you work on getting your barrel threaded. One last thing to note, a crush washer is NOT included NOR recommended when using a threaded adapter. Do not use a steel washer on an aluminum adapter and put immense pressure on the adapter and your front sight post to time a brake. Don’t do it.