DPMS LR308 Milspec Buffer Tube T6-6061 6 Position



  • Milspec Buffer Tube T6-6061 Aircraft Aluminum Type II Black Anodized
  • 6 Position Adjustable Milspec Buffer Tube
  • Compatible With Milspec Buttstock
  • This Milspec Buffer Tube Is For A DPMS LR308 Lower Receiver Carbine Build
  • It Is Compatible With ANY LR308 Pattern Lower Receiver
  • We Have Commercial Spec, A2, 308 Carbine & 308 A2 Listed Separately

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Our DPMS LR308 Milspec Buffer Tube is perfect for your next build or if you’re changing out worn out parts on your current DPMS LR308 pattern rifle. Our 6 position Milspec Buffer Tube is machined from T6-6061 extruded aluminum and is a 6 position adjustable buffer tube for your 6 position adjustable buttstock. The milspec buffer tube is finished off with a Type II matte anodized finish. If you are looking for a commercial spec buffer tube, or a DPMS LR308 A2 buffer tube, please take a look through our other listings and you’ll be sure to find it under the category “Stock Components.”